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David Sergio "Checho" Miranda Carvajal

Birthday: January 12, 1987
Location: Valdivia, Chile (South America)
Joined ILL-Abilities: 2007
Personal motto: If you believe in yourself you can accomplish anything!


Sergio was born and raised in Valdivia, a city at the southern tip of Chile, located between the mountains and the sea, with lots of vegetation and native forests. The eldest of five brothers (2 boys and 3 girls).

Sergio started dancing when he was 6-years-old in 1993 with the group Symbols of The Street, but being one of the youngest peers he faced a lot of adversity and prejudices from the community he left quickly left the dance as he didn’t feel welcome. In 2002, he decided to come back to the dance with a new group called Party Part. He still had difficulty getting accepted within the the community and received a lot of discrimination. This time however, he used this negative energy to give him the strength to progress quickly in this dance style.

He says “the more people talk bad about me, the more desire you give me to prove you wrong!”. Checho’s dance style is largely based on the strengths of his arms, making his movements like he is constantly floating across the dance floor. Sergio explains to his fans that we all face different types of challenges on a daily basis but he believes that all our dreams can come true with hard work and dedication!

Get to know.. Checho!

What are your dance styles?
My style is based on constant mind defy gravity using the force of my arms and balance my body to generate a steady flow of movements.

What are some of your inspirations to continue dancing?
When I started dancing, what motivated me was the feeling of the beat and every day challenging myself to be better. Overcoming my own limits, but now what motivates me to continue dancing is teaching people that to overcome their personal challenges.

Type of music you listen to?
I love hip hop and Latin music.

Your most memorable moment with ILL-Abiliites?
My most memorable moment with ILL-Abilities was when I met all the team members and we shared our personal stories.

Where would you like to perform next with ILL-Abilities?
I want to get with ILL-Abilities to Easter Island, because it is a mystical place with a very special energy. To establish ourselves as a group more and recharge our energy.

What are your favorite shoes to dance in?
I like shoes that are lightweight and comfortable, I have no brand preference.

If you could be any animal, what would you be? Why?
It would be a tiger. Why I think it is a very strong animal and yet very beautiful.

What are some of your other interests? Besides dance...
I am an electronics technician. I love technology and share with friends