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Our Mission


ILL-Abilities utilizes motivational entertainment programs, integrated dance workshops, and theatrical performances to help individuals discover tools, a mindset, and a voice that will enable them to evolve and develop their lives within their passion.


Everyone has the power to inspire.
Individuals Living Life is a platform to highlight the actions of people who have been recognized in their own community as being a positive influence to others.


ILL-Abilities embodies this state of mind through the message “NO EXCUSES, NO LIMITS”.
One can accomplish what they set their mind to as long as they don’t create excuses along the way. The moment we create an excuse for why something cannot be accomplished is when the biggest limitation comes in.

Anything is possible!


Each ILL-Abilities members strive to be a positive role-model. Together and individually they engage others to pursue their passion through Motivational Entertainment, Integrated Workshops, and Theatrical Dance performances:

  • ILL-Abilities offers unique motivational entertainment programs which are a perfect fuse of inspirational speeches from each member and dynamic gravity defying dance performances. These performances include audience participation and guarantees to inspire you while making you laugh, cry, and dance out of your seat!

    By sharing their stories through these Motivational Entertainment programs; ILL-Abilities has received numerous reports of how their performances have helped inspire and motivate individuals to live their life to their maximum potential.

  • ILL-Abilities has created an exceptional teaching method that is inclusive to all ages, all abilities, and all different skill levels. No matter what your situation may be ILL-Abilities believes dance is for everyone. These integrated dance workshops help build confidence through team activities and challenges individuals to surpass limitations by discovering their own strengths and creative movements.
  • ILL-Abilities has been developing “Limitless”, a theatrical dance piece, that interprets their life stories. The piece has been embraced by audiences with standing ovations and has been said to inspire individuals to pursue their passions.


    ILL-Abilities original members are currently based out of Canada, Chile, Holland, Japan, and U.S.A.

    The group has been able to promote their message within each member’s respective community, allowing their movement to spread globally.