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Redouan "Redo" Ait Chitt

Birthday: September 23, 1989
Location: Giessenburg, The Netherlands
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 65 kg
Joined ILL-Abilities: 2010
Personal motto: Never stop moving forward!

Redo was born and raised in Giessenburg, a small village near the city of Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Without any medical explanation, Redo was born with several physical malformations. He has a shorter right arm, which lacks an elbow joint and has a total of five fingers – two on the right hand and three on the left. He is also missing his right hip, has a shorter right leg, and walks with the aid of a prosthetic. Despite these complications, Redo never allowed his situation to hinder his life. Doctors tried to surround him with all kinds of special adapted equipment in order to function “well” in daily life, but his parents insisted on a regular environment for their child.

While growing up, Redo did everything that a typical kid would do. He participated in various types of sports, martial arts, and activities. At age 14, Redo spotted a group of people breakdancing at his high school. It was love at first sight. He and a couple of friends decided to take some classes at a community center close by. In the beginning, it was difficult for him to learn the basics, because he wasn’t able to manage all the steps. But through determination, creativity, and the encouragement of his friends, Redo made a style of his own.

Redo’s dance style is described as smooth, dynamic, and energetic; including a lot of slides, spins, freezes and blow-ups, all of which are performed with his own original twist and while constantly searching for new possibilities.

Redo never let his situation take over his life. Instead, he took control over his situation, pursuing his dream of becoming one of the best…

You just have to believe in yourself and your own strength. When you do…then there is no such thing as ‘can’t.’

Get to know.. Redo!

What are some of your inspirations to continue dancing?
Nothing beats the freedom of freestyle.

What inspires you?
The littlest things in life can inspire me. Whether it’s an inspirational quote I read or a movie I just watched. Most of all I get inspired by the close people around me who work hard to reach their dreams and goals.

What’s your most memorable moment with ILL-Abilities?
Since we all come from totally different parts of the world, we don’t see each other too often. Just by being together with the whole crew is a memorable moment in itself! Also, every time I come off the stage with my crew, is a moment I will never forget! The standing ovations, love, and support from the audience gives me an indescribable feeling, and always reminds me why I do this!

Where would you like to perform next with ILL-Abilities?
I would love to perform in Asia! But Australia attracts me too. Or let’s do South America, so we can visit Checho in Chile. I’m sure Europe could use some more ILL-Abilities performances too. Well you know what, let’s just do an international tour and conquer the world!