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Inga Ursäkter, Inga Gränser - Our Swedish Trip

27 September 2013
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27 September 2013, Comments: 0

Tommy, Redo, and Lazy had the opportunity to rep ILL-Abilities this year at the annual Scandinavian Super Jam in Stockholm, Sweden. They were invited by Tommy Molitor a.k.a Bboy Invalido, an amazing ill-abled dancer who happens to be born with Arthrogryposis the same condition Lazy has.

Ever since Bboy Invalido has met the crew he has been on a mission to introduce the ILL-Abilities motto “No Excuses, No Limits” (in Swedish: “Inga Ursäkter, Inga Gränser”) to Sweden.

Here are some pics and clips from our latest adventure:

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