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Our Philosophy

We believe that if you believe in yourself, you can achieve anything you want.
When obstacles come along, you are the one to overcome them and you are the one to take the first steps. The biggest limitation, or obstacle, in life is the mind. When you set your mind to achieving your goals, you can find a way to get there

"Originally created in 2007 with the idea of being a "Super Crew" of disabled dancers, it is now becoming a global movement helping to spread the message: No Excuses, No Limits. ILL-Abilities' mission is to redefine society's view of disability, promote empowerment, and encourage limitless possibilities through motivational entertainment."
Source: Breakin Convention.

Please click the following links for more information on how we spread the message "No Excuses, No Limits:
» Motivational Speaking & Entertainment
» Theatre Shows
» Integrated Dance Workshops
» No Limits Festival

In the videos below, ILL-Abilities crew member and founder Luca "LazyLegz" Patuelli explains the crew's message "No Excuses, No Limits".

Video credits: Simon Bus