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Theatre Shows

No Limits and Limitless

In these theatrical productions ILL-Abilities lets you journey through the minds of each dancer as they illustrate their battles with adversity, stereotypes, self-doubt, and our everyday insecurities. At the moment ILL-abilities offers two theatre shows, "No Limits" a 15-minute piece introducing the crew and "Limitless" a 30-minute more in-depth piece. In these pieces each dancer discovers the strength to overcome life's struggles through dynamic movement and sheer determination.

Through exploring the challenges of choreography (both solo and routines), the group discovers the power of adapting their movements together into a distinctive vocabulary, one that inspires limitless possibilities.

The video on the right shows "No Limits" the 15-minute piece (filmed at Breakin’ Convention 2012 featured on the Guardian), which was nominated in 2013 for “outstanding achievement in dance” from the Olivier Awards in London, U.K.

Length: 15 or 30 minutes, depending on the version.

The Guardian made a video item of our show 'No Excuses, No Limits'.

I was simply overwhelmed (..) and ended up in tears. They showed me how we often lose control over our lives, how we get distracted from our priorities and how we forget about what really matters in life. It was a true wake up call. No more excuses, no more limits for me.

Greta Rossi, BloggingTheChange